Advice for women starting their own business (Part2)


Advice for women starting their own business (Part2)



In the past there was a time when putting the terms women and career together was almost unthinkable. But the times have changed and in the 21st century we are seeing women proving themselves and achieving more in their career than they ever have. In 2017, there were 75,175,000 women aged 16 and older in the workforce, representing 46.9 percent of the total labor force. 


Women’s career path have been riddled with challenges from gender discrimination, inequality pay and stereotypes, that have been obstacles for a women’s career advancement. In the face of all these challenges, women have still pushed further, revolutionising work culture and being incrementally successful in their workplace. 


There are career strategies and advice available for women presented by other women in the industry. This presents opportunities and helps radiates confidence within the women workforce. Currently we can see a lot more women-owned businesses than in the past and according to the 2014 American Express OPEN State of Women-Owned Business report, four in 10 new firms are started by women. 


With the right tips and advice, any women eager to be an entrepreneur will be able to reach her dream. Give her the ball and she will score! 

In continuation to the previous blog “Advice for women starting their own business” here are some more tips for women to kickstart their own business. 



Seek Training


It is common for gender-based training gaps to arise in a workplace. This is usually because women are less aware or notified of the training opportunities available to them than men are. As a new business owner, it will be your responsibility to ensure that you research and identify the training or courses you can take up that would add your competency for the business. Though not a prerequisite in many cases, you may require some training to help you start off that would boost your skills necessary to succeed. A smart investment in training can pay off! 


Check out classes, workshops and opportunities in your locality and courses available online. You can find online courses offered by most colleges and universities, and Coursera also offers a series of courses just for women. You can also connect to business owners that offer free mentoring online. Which leads us to our next tip!



Find a Mentor 


A mentor can help clear your doubts and give you useful advice they have learnt over the years. Ideally, if you are able to connect with a smart successful businesswomen, the advice you receive would be invaluable. You would be able to relate and personalise the tips you receive from your fellow women entrepreneur. 


Many women who have reached a position of influence often credit the fact that they have participated in a mentoring relationship to get them to where they are today.The best mentors are often senior women. Make yourself known and reach out to senior women in your organisation, if they reciprocate your interest you will be able to build the relationship. 



Invest in Technology 


A lot of women-owned businesses use many of the latest technology, from e-commerce sites to using smartphones to process payments. Many businesses have come to rely on smart devices for their versatility and affordability. Your needs in securing the right technology will depend on the type of business you are running, so conduct a  careful research and think about the unique challenges your business will face. Along with this you will have to create a budget for these expenses. Technology is key to a business’s success. The technology that is appropriate for  your business can make your work processes more effective and streamlined too.



Be persistent


Sometimes things don’t happen as fast as we’d like but once you’ve set yourself a goal, be single minded about it. If you really want to achieve your dream, don’t give up! Write down your goals, review them regularly and get support to achieve them.


By taking the first step to start your own business, you are already moving beyond the gender pay gap. Being frustrated with the gender wage gap is what often drive many women push to become entrepreneurs rather than employees. You will be in charge of the entire operation of your business as an entrepreneur. When your business is successful, you can find security and a sense of achievement that you are earning the paycheck you deserve!

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