Women Talents at Shop Floors of Syrma Technology


Women Talents at Shop Floors of Syrma Technology

Syrma Technology, an electronic manufacturing services company and part of Tandon Group, believed in India’s women superpower and decided to give opportunities for them. There always arises a misconception that some works can only be done by men. But instead, Syrma Technology created an outburst in the women’s trust especially coming from rural areas.

Do you know how much men work at Syrma Technology? Only around 10 percent of men work there. Rest 90 percent are women.

The CEO of Syrma Technology, Mr. Sreeram Srinivasan, found that women are better in skills than men in many cases. He said that through various researches it is proven that women have intense focus and finger dexterity to deal with many components when compared to men. From his feedback about the employees, their girls focus more on the manufacturing facilities and don’t even lift their heads to check whether if anyone walked nearby or not.

In the case of the weaving clusters, the company focussed more on the girls having an age range of 18 to 20 years. They have the greatest energy among all others and a keen focus on work. On average Syrma hires 1000 employees every year. The selected people will be having 15 days training period with both classroom and e-learning sessions. At this time recruits start working on the minor assembly line functions with proper supervision by expert mentors.

The talent acquisition specialists make sure that the women are comfortable with the working shifts and do not harm or fatigue themselves under any circumstances. The training process includes providing awareness about the standard operating procedures and their delivery with quality standards. There will be client-customer interactions to know about their requirements and needs.

The main reason the company loses their women talents is due to the hunt for readymade talents by other companies. They offer high compensations and lure these women who have been trained for days. But Mr. Sreenivasan added up that those companies only place these girls for a limited period and after that, they come back to Syrma after losing their job.

Syrma being a place to put a unique idea and structured program for developing the skills of women is an out-of-the-box strategy. The company’s management level people play an important role in making it a huge success.

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