Remote Working Googlers Face Nearly 25 Percent Salary Cut


Remote Working Googlers Face Nearly 25 Percent Salary Cut

Google company is planning for a new pay structure for their employees who permanently choose work from home from September month 2021. This is because the company decides to bring back their Googlers to the office in September and to function like old normal days. During the pandemic days, the company stood as a backbone for many of the Googlers and helped in a variety of ways to move on with their lives. The new model is based on the employee’s residing location and their total time commutation to reach the office.

The people who opt for permanent remote work from the company’s same office city location might not face the pay cut which is mentioned now. But those who are from different city location and choose permanently remote work option, they face 25 percent of the pay cut. The unique salary calculator to a higher extend considers the distance of the employees where they reside and the distance from the office.

The new salary structure model is with a pay cut range of 5 percent to 25 percent. This range is calculated based on the city to city and state to state distance. The longer the distance, the higher the pay cut. The shorter the distance, the lesser the pay cut. But even though there is some relaxation given to some of the employees. This is to the employees who are ready to shift locations to the company office residing city and opting for work from home. They will be considered to some extent and are hardly affected in this pay cut model.

In total the Googlers who wish to shift to a new location and opt to choose remote work, undertake less time and get back to the office. This is done to avoid the pay cut as every employee might require every pay they get in today’s situation.

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