Upvc Workshop Manager

Upvc Workshop Manager


Sohar Window Trading

Job Description

Successful applicant will be responsible for managing a diverse pipeline of fabrication and Installation projects spanning multiple sectors including mining, ...
• Execute the processing of material through detailed planning and day-to-day direction of pre-processing activities
• Ensure that fabrication activities are planned in accordance with project requirements and sufficient resources are available to execute the work efficiently to meet project objectives
• Develop and implement systems and processes to improve on workshop productivity in the complete fabrication process
• Authorise planning, programming and completion schedule whilst managing workflow procedures supplied to the fabrication department and
• Establish effective communications with client representatives, project managers, and operational staff.

Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

  • engineering fabrication skills from engineering drawings or sketches. working to fine tolerances.
  • ability to show initiative in problem solving
  • good written and oral communication

Education + Experience

  • Qualification: BE
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